This contract adresses the foreign natioanls wishing to sky in france or a country of the Schengen area, for all travels, private, or study trip.

1) Your coverages

The Visa Schengen solution covers repatriation, medical and hospitalisation expenses in case of accident, illness or death occuring in a country of the Shengen area during your stay.

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2) Insurance certificate

The subscription is immediate by internet registration 7 days a week.


You can sign you contract till 24 hours before the date of your stay. You just have to indicate your period of stay and your coordinates. Once the validation of your online payment (secured payment by credit card, the registered data are coded), you will receive some minutes later your insurance certificate, the general terms of the contract as well as your payment receipt.


This travel insurance policy is in compliance with the requirements for access to the Schengen area and is accepted by all consulates. The insurance certificate is to be presented to the authorities for the obtaining of your visa.

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3) General terms of insurance

Read the general terms of insurance in different languages. Click on “detail” to download them.

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4) Our rate

Rates adapted to your age and the duration of your stay as from 0.97 € per day, inclusive of taxes.

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