International medical plans

Within the framework of the Schengen area, the decree published on the 22 December 2003 in the Official Journal of the European Union requires that foreign nationals who wish to travel there take up a health mutual.

From now on, as from 1st June 2004, the visa applicants have to be covered by an authorised insurance dealer for medical and hospital expenses, which could be incurred during their stay, as well as for the coverage of a potential repatriation.

Firm AGIS SAS specializing in insurance for international medical expenses, set up with
TOKIO MARINE EUROPE, Schengen visa insurance contract, a health product in accordance with the requirements for entry to the Schengen area :

– additional repatriation assistance coverage,

– medical coverage of all health expenses up to 30 000€,

– private life civil liability coverage up to.

Simple in its form and subscription mode, this policy provides the possibility to quickly and efficiently meet these European leagl requirements.

Health insurance Schengen area

Presentation of the Schengen area.

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